Academics + Politics disguised as Science

When Academics under the Umbrella of Politics disguise as Science for Climate.

This link is just so sad.   Any future fact based   “what were they thinking “ documentary on the politically motivated short selling by small minds with even smaller minds cheering them on will seem so obviously flawed  in the downstream big picture of historical hindsight.

Really, grow up children.  Peer Review the Calculus and Physics of the issues. Resorting to silly little protein side-agendas in an attempt to clutter and subtract from the real truth simply amplifies the real weakness in your arguments.

Link to Watts Up With That?


Significant Long-term Shift in Temperatures ?

Vencore Weather (a provider of information solutions, engineering and analytics for government and commercial customers worldwide) – just posted this article on 28 April:

“Atlantic Ocean showing signs of a significant long-term shift in temperatures from warm-to-cold. “


In addition to solar cycles, temperature cycles in the planet’s oceans play critical roles in our ever changing climate and also on the extent of global sea ice. Oceanic temperature cycles are often quite long-lasting and a warm or cold phase can persist for two or three decades at a time. In general, the Atlantic Ocean experienced a cold phase from the early 1960’s to the mid 1990’s at which time it flipped to a warm phase and that has continued for the most part ever since. The current warm phase; however, is now showing signs of a possible long-term shift back to colder-than-normal sea surface temperatures (SST) and this could have serious implications on US climate and sea ice areal extent in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here is the link to the Article:  long-term shift in temperatures