Beyond Desire

Beyond Desire

It comes uninvited as the stillness of a lake under a full moon might.

All of that weighty space-time baggage fades away to an immense and singular perspective. There are no thoughts, no reactions, no you.

It’s the essence of pure mind, as it was before self-awareness claimed your throne; pristine and uncluttered, free to observe to the very depths without the anchor of time.

In that awareness, there is no response, no judgement, no call to arms; simply the profound truth of what is.

Some might call it the peace that passes all understanding, but those are just words      – the old man


Sunshine on Media Spin and its ugly Twin

Sunshine on Media Spin and its ugly Twin, the Politics of Fear

A tiny sliver of the Mainstream Media (The Telegraph) are finally looking at Human based Climate Alarm in the context of real facts and real reporting to discover, to their amazement, that the supposed 400ppm CO2 ‘tipping point’ conflictingly coincides with a significant upswing in Arctic Ice. It was always there for the taking, but no one on the Carbon Tax Agenda wants to bias their miserable message.

And the remaining 97% cheerleading media describing CO2 as the devil incarnate (even against this obvious divergence) wonder why the majority of regular folk don’t trust that unholy partnership of Media and Politics.

So it looks like we will soon begin to know those outlets who are ‘ with the facts’ and those who are ‘in bed with the politics’.

The Telegraph reports on Facts

And, if you want to keep your own score on who’s likely in bed with guess who, here’s a start:  The Guardian (backed up by the BBC) . There are many more, even in our wonderful normally objective Canada.

Let the games begin.  We’ll be at the beach. The same beach that has been there, longer than us, still the same frothline.  Just the facts.


CO2@400ppm: Not Guilty. Decoupled from Climate.

NOAA / SCRIPPS recently released the latest chart of Real Life Atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa Observatory this September 2016:

atmco2maunaloa2016Looking at the above Chart from 1980 to 2014 (Only because the info I have on temperature covers that range for comparison purposes), the slope is pretty constant from start to finish.

In the real world, how does that CO2 data compare with temperatures (and just for fun, the Climate models across the same period)? The Temperature chart below can be seen in context at Science Matters.

brokenclimatemodelI added a few measurements off the Y Axis for the purposes of this discussion.

Just the Facts

Starting from 1980 where the IPCC  CMIP-5 Climate Models  intersect with actual history, then onward to 2014, the real world observations clearly show that the actual Mid-Tropospheric Temperature (as averaged by both Balloon and Satellite sets) gave a rise of 0.072C overall.

For the same period, the Average of 102 IPCC CMIP-5 Climate Models predicted a rise of 0.47 C, or a rate 6.5 TIMES greater. All that projected model rise (above the last actual @ 0.072C) was supposed to happen from 1995 to 2014. In real life, the Mid-Tropospheric temperature has been tracking sideways since 2004 even though the actual CO2 rise remains at a constant and predictable slope upward.

It’s not rocket science to see that CO2 is not coupled to Temperature as cause and effect. The Government models appear heavily biased to favor that same NOAA  CO2 DNA curve, with a similar DNA Climate predicted plot from 1994 onward.

Some additional reading Here

And Here

The Questions and Comments

  • So what’s wrong with this picture? Where is the ‘thoughtful’ Media reporting in all of this besides in bed, arm waving with the Political Consensus Flavor agreement of the day? Who’s looking at the real facts? Not many, apparently. All sold out.
  • Why are our Politicians rushing to judgement to put Climate Warming at the feet of their taxable CO2 breathing Citizens under the guise of guilt?
  • Who is doing objective “Science” on this file for Global Government Policy? Has anyone thought to follow the money?Looking at the real world, where’s the physical CO2 Problem? (not to be conveniently confused with normal warming climate cycle changes).
  • Based on the 400ppm CO2 as the threshold, the Arctic was supposed to be open water by now, with less than 1 Wadham* of ice cover.  It’s actually over 4.1 Wadhams*  as of the end of this Sept, and growing fast.
  • The beach front where I swim in Hawaii (See the pic below) should have been underwater over 5 years ago according to Al Gore and little David. It’s not, and is pretty much the same every year as it was 50 years ago.  Who pops up, apologizes and says “We were Wrong, sorry about that”? Not a chance.
  • There’s a snow blizzard warning  for the Prairies this week , and Perth Australia is freezing at a new 120 Year low when it shouldn’t be. How does that square with the 400ppm trend and CO2 increases year over year for decades?
  • Who will fix the Government Climate Models to reflect reality? (Rhetorical question, really. Just sad.)

* 1 Wadham = 1 Million Sq. Km of Ice.

The Summary

Fortunately for this little discussion, CO2 has actually cooperated to  show the true characteristics of its hand vis-a-vis the 330 to  400ppm steady  rising slope over the last 45 years or so to now.

So there is a real life ‘fact’ case to be made that CO2 is not the driver of temperature change at all. Only the Government sponsored Climate Models have mirrored the alarming rise of the CO2 plot as the Panic Driver since 1980.

Based on this quick look at the readily available Government sourced data sets, it sure looks like CO2 is just along for the ride. Yet it appears few in Politics or the Climate Movement are interested in looking anywhere else while the newfound tax opportunity is in play. Easy Money. The Political crowd loves that. Logical Math, not so much.

Not so much loved by the voters tho. Nevermind, with the Internet and Social Media offering a permanent record of decisions with place, time date and names, the ‘future’ Voters will have long digital memories available to unravel the show when they are broke, in the dark, and wondering how it happened.

As we look out on the earth this fall, far from the Climate predictions of an “Ice Free” Arctic, we can see ‘factually’ that both Poles of Mother Earth are freezing back in a hurry.  So let’s face facts: It’s really about regular Climate Change as usual…. Billions of years’ worth of complex feedbacks to get here, yet here we are, still sucking up breathable Oxygen thanks to our nearest and dearest friends: CO2, plants and the Oxygen Cycle.


The Problem with Continuity

The Problem with Continuity

Ego, that creator of your space-time constructs, endlessly builds an illusion of continuity and perpetual self-awareness while you walk this earth. The underlying truth is that there is only ‘being’ in the unfolding and perpetual ‘now’.

Everything else is make-believe, manufactured by your ego and the judgmental reaction that rises as vapor from the process you know intimately as ‘Me’. All your biases, reacting to what is ‘now’, are a measure of how far removed ‘now’ is from where your abstract biases ‘think’ it should be.

That manufactured separation is the Yin/Yang seat of all your joy, sorrow, love, hate, craving or aversion when compared to what is ‘now’.

Top athletes understand this, and refer to it as ‘unconscious’ (not so much boxing, tho), meaning there is no thought between the ball and the hoop /bat/club/stick to mess up timing.

The unwashed might call it ‘In the moment’.  Either way works – take your pick and stop thinking about it. Your lifetime scores will improve greatly out of the gate.

-the old man


And Now, for Something Completely Different:

JoNova’s website had this tidbit up and running:

Coldest Perth September recorded in 120 years of records

Perth Airport’s coldest September since 1944 smashed the previous mean temp record of 1968 by 0.73C ……..

“This September wasn’t just a bit cold in Perth. It was very cold compared to almost all Septembers ever recorded in Stevensons.”

And so it continues.  I did like one pair of comments below the article:

  1. R: Also, I’m sorry to hear that frost damage is happening. That’s not a good thing for the farmers and I hope it turns out to be minimal.
  2. B: Since frost is caused by direct surface radiation (IR) to space one would think that CO2 increases would inhibit frost by “Back Radiation” – but no such luck apparently…

No need to comment further. Off to Breakfast on the Boat (see previous post).