Inuit Elders view on Climate Change

Having lived and worked for many years across the High Arctic by  land, sea and air and hunted by skidoo with Inuit friends from Grise Fiord to Ikaluit, I have no doubt that native observations have merit worth noting in the scheme of all things climate. Should be easy enough to line up with the physics to figure out.

Consider this very recent article from Native Press (Click).

-the old man, out on the land – Ellesmere Island; circa 1975


Boston Dynamics 101

This kind of stuff is why I loved being a design engineer.

Success in a project never comes from the social media 97% group think consensus, it depends on the clear understanding of the  unbending laws of physics, differential equations, latency, timing, etc. – no matter how convincing a debater you might be among your peers.

When it all works out there can be no greater internal satisfaction, and above all,  no need to armwave and convince any random group in a badly lit bar that you actually understand what you’re talking about.

Boston Dynamics 101

-the old man