Rex Murphy 101

Rex, for the life of me, I can’t understand how the CBC still lets you wrap up the  Knightly News for Peter Mansbridge.

As one maritimer to another, you seem to be able to walk the middle of that leaning road unscathed, compared to the rest of the current-bevy-of-the-politically-leaning-ship-of-handwringing, fear mongering, ‘climate-is a people-problem-that-can-be-cured’  97% consensus talking heads with hair on fire.

(I just tried to be Rex Murphy-ish there, but in reviewing the adjectives and modifiers, it really  falls far short of the cutting edge master.)

Click Here: Rex Murphy in full voice 

And Here : Rex Murphy clears his throat

And Furthermore: Rex Muses

And Here: On the Wynn spectacle we specifically agree  

You get the Not On My Watch Best Comment vote today. Maybe I’ll even go back to catching the last 5 minutes of the CBC  Viewcast.