The Belgian Philosopher and Donald Trump

Strange Bedfellows …

A century from now, historians may well look at our current phase of Moral Righteousness related to Climate CO2  akin to the last century Liquor ban  – i.e., Prohibition 2.0,  under the new and improved Global  re-run.

I ran across this incidental interview in my news-feed and thought it could well be a predictive indicator into where all this might be heading.

While the immediate future might look to be conflictingly  bleak to all sides, it seems to me that the USA and the sum of it’s voting parts is still better than its constituent components and as usual, will ultimately take the world in a new pragmatically direction, even if the transition seems messy to those in the middle of it all.

Grab a fresh coffee, sit a spell and try to read this without your subjective armour filter  on:

Outcome of the Paris Accord: a re-founding act of American democracy?

-the old man last century – gone fishing.