Three Year Super La Niña on the way?

I found this  recent 17th April 2016 ‘Climate news from Germany in English’ article posted on re: the coming La Nina to be worth a review. The relevant discussion points:
• From earlier ENSO models, the La Niña originally was not very evident, but the NOAA has since drastically corrected its projections and the CFSv2 is now anticipating “unusual cold sea surface temperatures in the El Niño region of 3.4,”
• Based on an array of data, Schneefan tells readers to expect a La Niña already early in the second half of this year and that there are signs it may turn into a Super La Nina – one that could persist until part way into 2018.
• The consequence, he writes: “With a delay of 4 to 5 months, global temperatures will retreat over many years and fall below the long-term climate mean.”
Here’s the link to that translated article from German on NoTricksZone by Pierre Gosselin.