Patrick Moore: Should We Celebrate … ?

Although I’ve never personally met Patrick Moore, we do share a common humble beginning, being born in tiny villages in Rural Canada.

I also started out in a one room “school” which was actually a converted confectionary store, and quickly developed a keen interest in all things taught in that little room, including science, math, language, logic  and how elegantly complex things are seamlessly connected in the flow of life.

From the beginning, my familiar world was the Restigouche River surrounded by forests that provided the ideal environment for developing a finely honed set of skills to directly know nature,  fish salmon and hunt to help supplement the food for our extended family’s meagre means while we grew up.

So I confess to having some bias toward Patrick’s eloquence, and although we have never crossed paths, he is a fellow traveler on the journey.

Here is a link to his talk at the Annual GWPF Lecture in London in October 2015.

Link to Patrick Moore: Should We Celebrate CO2?


whoKnewMe, circa 1952.. What would I tell the little guy about the journey he was about to embark upon… (hint: there are no words that would work)