The Climate Feeds Back

Climate Feedback

It’s amusing to watch the tiny minded arrogance at play in the various Climate Change discussions. Well, they’re not really discussions, mostly yelling loud enough to proclaim the fix is settled. As a friend used to say on how to find the Best of the Best Pizza in Foodie Town: “Ten Million Flies can’t be wrong”. And so it goes.

If you try to find real physics, real data, real cause and effect empirically confirmed for the diatribe, you will drive your logical self nuts.  Don’t bother.

Stick with what most should be able to agree upon:

Feedback Rules

  • The world we enjoy today is very different from the atmosphere that formed with the Earth billions of years ago. Regardless, the Earth’s early atmosphere somehow transformed and converged into the life giving solution we enjoy today. The original show must have been pretty much a place of active volcanos spewing off gasses like steam water vapor, carbon dioxide and ammonia. The most important feature of the ancient environment (if you were an anaerobic organism) was the absence of free oxygen.
  • Early aquatic blue-green algae evolved and began using energy from the Sun to split molecules of H2O and CO2 and recombine them into organic compounds and molecular oxygen in the unique process known as photosynthesis. Some of the created oxygen combined with organic carbon to recreate CO2 molecules. The remaining oxygen accumulated in the atmosphere, touching off a massive ecological disaster with respect to early existing anaerobic organisms. As oxygen in the atmosphere increased, CO2 decreased.
  • So the circle of life with its various complex feedback loops, involves a cast of plants and some bacteria to use carbon dioxide to give off oxygen, while the animals (count us in here) use oxygen to give off carbon-dioxide. How absolutely elegant! The atmosphere upon which life depends was created and is sustained by life itself in this self-correcting, self-referencing dance. More CO2 gives rise to more plants, more plants support more animals, and so it goes. There never has been a runaway one way feed forward march to destruction for 4 billion years. In that time span, it’s difficult if not impossible to adopt any position other than we got to here because of a fundamental tendency for overall feedback stabilization of the atmosphere.
  • Through many earth shattering disruptions over billions of years along the way to today, the atmosphere has always settled back on its own to stabilize as a workable range / mix of gases and oxygen for animals (including us), plants, and various other life forms to evolve in their relevant window of time. All of this converging stabilizing feedback happens because of complex nonlinear systems that are still well beyond our simple minds and models to fully comprehend.  Yet here we are, having humanly existed for a mere Nano Second along the full timescale, thinking we are in charge. We have enough ignorant arrogance to declare straight faced that we do know it all, and we declare with pomp and ceremony that the “science is settled”, now give us your money.

Picking Fly Shit out of Pepper

  • If you can manage to leave your Ego at the door, you will everywhere see the absurdity of the Climate Change squabbles in the myriad of tweets and posts that go around. The supporting infill arguments / threads are based on such made up detailed trivia, manufactured on such a narrow scale in time that it is akin to using Schrodinger’s wave function to figure out how long it will take to bake a wedding cake in the new oven. Contextually, it’s the wrong tool and will only attract those who agree with the baseline appropriateness for the sake of either argument, thereby subverting the real discussion to the void of endless possibilities and probabilities. The cat may be dead. Or maybe not. Or maybe both. Whatever reality you choose to collapse by looking.

Summary: The practical time scale of understanding global Climate Mechanics is not analogous to anything like Quantum Mechanics. (sarc)

  • The vast unwashed who play the 10 million flies that don’t care to (or can’t) understand the importance of relevant earth climate scale timelines, entropy, enthalpy, thermodynamics, inertia, physics and the like, are programmed only to buzz around the leftover pizza of the day. They can be wrong, even if they are your media of choice. And in this new social reality, the internet won’t forget a single one on the wrong side of history who pushed them there. Give it “time”.

Pass the popcorn, please.  No.. not the pepper.  It’s full of Fly droppings.