And Now, for Something Completely Different:

JoNova’s website had this tidbit up and running:

Coldest Perth September recorded in 120 years of records

Perth Airport’s coldest September since 1944 smashed the previous mean temp record of 1968 by 0.73C ……..

“This September wasn’t just a bit cold in Perth. It was very cold compared to almost all Septembers ever recorded in Stevensons.”

And so it continues.  I did like one pair of comments below the article:

  1. R: Also, I’m sorry to hear that frost damage is happening. That’s not a good thing for the farmers and I hope it turns out to be minimal.
  2. B: Since frost is caused by direct surface radiation (IR) to space one would think that CO2 increases would inhibit frost by “Back Radiation” – but no such luck apparently…

No need to comment further. Off to Breakfast on the Boat (see previous post).