Sunshine on Media Spin and its ugly Twin

Sunshine on Media Spin and its ugly Twin, the Politics of Fear

A tiny sliver of the Mainstream Media (The Telegraph) are finally looking at Human based Climate Alarm in the context of real facts and real reporting to discover, to their amazement, that the supposed 400ppm CO2 ‘tipping point’ conflictingly coincides with a significant upswing in Arctic Ice. It was always there for the taking, but no one on the Carbon Tax Agenda wants to bias their miserable message.

And the remaining 97% cheerleading media describing CO2 as the devil incarnate (even against this obvious divergence) wonder why the majority of regular folk don’t trust that unholy partnership of Media and Politics.

So it looks like we will soon begin to know those outlets who are ‘ with the facts’ and those who are ‘in bed with the politics’.

The Telegraph reports on Facts

And, if you want to keep your own score on who’s likely in bed with guess who, here’s a start:  The Guardian (backed up by the BBC) . There are many more, even in our wonderful normally objective Canada.

Let the games begin.  We’ll be at the beach. The same beach that has been there, longer than us, still the same frothline.  Just the facts.