Blindsided Ego – Shock Therapy


I do get that even though some of “What’s it all about?” might not resonate with some folk’s frequencies, there is still a curiosity about why ‘This Old Man’ is bothering to put such a category forward at all. So to bring it down a notch, a good example to see “What’s It All About” just unfolded in the recent USA election.

I didn’t have a dog in the Election race, but what transpired does fit the “What’s It All About” Category of the blog. This site has google analytics set up so it’s fairly easy to see that the tight knit groups of visitors who patiently click thru the entire category show up from pretty much every country.  I have no way of knowing the young from the old, but some of the more internet adept do manage to get messages to me in other ways even though the post comments are turned off. So there seems to be real interest and maybe a twinge of hunger for some inner calm in the search out there.


When you live and share your ideas with only those who agree and are on your particular frequency, you are simply reinforcing the cardboard box of what you already believe/know. There can be no original discovery, innovation or universal understanding of the actual truth of “What Is” within such narrow constraints. You have voluntary chosen to limit your life’s thinking by reinforcing the framework walls inside that tiny box. The longer you reinforce the box, the thicker it gets. Many Old Men in my age bracket suffer from this too, so if you are not old, at least you are not alone. “Get off my Lawn” can work for the Millennials as well as  grumpy old men. Both fall in the same Venn Intersection.

Your best hope is to be young enough to use your chicken beak to break out of your thickening ego shell and see what is for what it is. Nothing more, nothing less will cut it on the path to truth, which lies outside your particular self made box.

I spent over one third of my life learning the physics, science, calculus and the practical skills required to become a Professional Design Engineer. Having then spent many years in the Canadian Arctic (and even Siberia) solving some very original and complex engineering problems, it became plainly evident that my text book learning was both an asset and a liability for the many original designs and solutions to be created at the extreme edges of the environment and logistics. The most original and successful outside-the-box design solutions came about not from my primary educated knowledge, but from some of my native friends who never spent a day in a classroom.

From this, you should understand that “Smart”, “Intelligent” and “Knowledgeable” are only your ego’s filters allied to something inside the box. Using those filters, you are partially and particularly blind to what actually is. If you were a hummingbird having a human do an intelligence test, the most educated human would fail miserably. He can’t fly, he can’t hover, he can’t fly backwards and he doesn’t know much about tracking the best flower nectar.

To call out someone outside your box as being stupid, deplorable and so on is just a measure of how far you have removed yourself from the universal reality that exists in this moment.  That’s what happens when you choose to live in your box in a bubble, then designate your ego as the commander of your ship. You will be forever bound in those limited local shallows and miseries, as Shakespeare outlined so well in Julius Caesar a long time ago.

The Takeaway

The takeaway from this post is that if you were shocked or awed at the election outcome (either way), you will likely fit the diagnosis/prognosis described above.  It’s up to you whether to react in your horrified ego mode or alternately begin to understand how it all really works inside your head, leaving your pet ego behind in the cardboard box while you explore.  Either one is OK here – I don’t have a dog in your race either.

-the old man